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Coral Bay

Coral Bay is exactly what it claims to be – a stunning bay brimming with coral and fish life, protected by the outer Ningaloo Reef. Its attraction is vast.

Coral Bay is a favourite family and friends holiday destination for Western Australians wanting to escape the winter chill. It’s also popular for Christmas and New Year celebrations. The fantastic weather and endless opportunities for swimming, fishing and adventure makes it fun for everyone. During school holidays we welcome families to the house, and outside these times, we have groups of friends visit for a well earned break from their 9-5.

It’s a hotspot for scuba divers and snorkelers too, treated year round to spectacular diving conditions. For snorkelers, Coral Bay is safe and spectacular. For divers, tour operators offer scuba diving adventures along the outer reef. Enthusiasts often choose specific times of the year to experience seasonal wonders, like diving with whale sharks, manta rays, turtles and reef sharks. Not to mention humpback whale watching during migrations.

The township has retained its quaint reputation yet offers visitors an array of retail and specialty shops including a supermarket, bakery and boutique clothing shops, such as Coral Bay Shells and Ningaloo Reef Boutique. It is also supported by many dive, fishing, boating and land adventure tour operators.

Boating enthusiasts will love Coral Bay. The waters are calm and the fish plentiful. Information for boat owners can be found at the boat ramp. The weather forecast is updated daily right outside the supermarket. Access information here on Coral Bay's weather (including temperature, wind, swell, tides and sun rise and set times).

  Jan Feb Mar April May June July August Sept Oct Nov Dec
Land Temp 30-39 30-39 30-35 30-35 25-30 25-30 25-30 25-30 25-30 25-35 25-35 30-42
Water Temp 25-28 25-28 25-28 19-22 19-22 19-22 19-22 19-22 20-24 20-24 20-24 25-28

Find out for yourself why Coral Bay lures visitors back year after year. If you’re ready to book contact us.


Mini Map of showing Coral Bay House - Link to Google Maps

2 Marlin Court
Coral Bay WA 6701


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